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CAF has obtained a net profit of 20.5 million euros in the first nine months of 2006

The Backlog at the 30th of September 2006 is at 3,239,358 thousand euros, i.e. 37% increase on the backlog at the 30th of September last year.

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CAF will manufacture and maintain 107 Regional Trains for Renfe amounting to 956 Million Euro.

Renfe’s extraordinary meeting of the Executive Board held on the 27th of July 2006 awarded CAF, as a sole supplier, an order for 107 Regional Trains for an amount of 588.2 million euro.

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Transfac ‘06 will reveal the latest trends in the automotion, aeronautics and railway industries

INASMET-TECNALIA and TMS are organising the World Transport Summit with more than 500 participants from the most advanced international companies from the sector.

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The CAF board of Directors has agreed to call an Ordinary General Shareholders Assembly

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The Centre for Industrial Technical Development (CDTI) selects a CAF project in the calling of the programme of National Strategic Consortiums of Technical Investigation (CENIT)

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CAF consolidates their presence in the USA

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA have consolidated their presence in the United Stated following a new 30 million dollar order for the rehabilitation of 15 LRVs for the city of Pittsburgh.

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CAF held its General Shareholders’ Meeting corresponding to the financial year 2005.

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CAF obtained in the first trimester of 2006 a consolidated net profit after taxation of 4.65 million euros, a 28% increase on the profits in the same period during the previous year

The net consolidated reserve of the turnover amounted to 196.72 million euros, a 40.51 million euro increase (26%) on 2005, which reached a figure of 156.01 million euros.

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In the financial year of 2005 CAF has obtained a consolidated net profit after taxation of 18,143 million euros

In the financial year of 2005 CAF has obtained a consolidated net profit after taxation of 18,143 million euros, I.E. a 29% increase on that achieve the previous year.

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