A worker inspects a train with the aid of her tablet

Maintenance technologies

The CAF group has a subsidiary specialising in Maintenance Engineering.

The management of maintenance activities is highly demanding and requires a thorough and specialist approach in order to meet the high expectations of those undertakings wishing to achieve excellence. With this aim in mind, NEM Solutions has created AURA, a package of service-based solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of each and every customer.

AURA is made up of a number of modules to provide each maintainer, operator and end user with complete flexibility when configuring the service.

AURA lube

Useful life of the lubricated equipment

To maximise the performance and useful life of all lubricated equipment through the diagnosis and prognosis with lubricant samples, and the monitoring of the service history.

AURA logs

Performance whilst running

An alarm management system which ensures that the right person receives the relevant information at the right time. This real-time application is implemented with the Aura diagnosis module or the HMI or SCADA type systems, and categorises and groups together the individual alarms and alarm sequences for web-based effective communications and display.

AURA trace

Asset management during operation

Complete traceability and management of assets using the dedicated CMMI system, designed for quick implementation and tailored to suit specific needs.

A worker inspects a train with the aid of her tablet

Wheel profile measurement and defect detection systems.

Wheel profile measurement and defect detection systems, using computer vision technology and acceleration analysis, supported with RFID technology. No civil works required for the installation. It operates with the train in motion, with a portable version also available. Wheel profiles are provided in 2D, flange height (H), flange width (G) and flange angle dimension (qR).

A worker inspects a train with the aid of her tablet A worker inspects a train with the aid of her tablet

AURA diagnostic

Maintenance in operation

Real-time analysis, reports and prediction of the state of health of the assets. The artificial intelligence modules provide early warnings of deterioration, warnings of unexpected behaviour in the sub-systems and the remote overall management of the fleet.

AURA maint

Dynamic maintenance planning

Automatic up-dating of the maintenance plans based on possible restrictions existing for corrective maintenance and the availability of resources. Establishment of commercial performance targets in order to create an effective and efficient long and short-term planning for the preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

AURA wheel

Integrated management of wheel wear

The combination of the data and the knowledge of the systems from different sources results in a web-based centralized service for the turnkey management of the wheel and wheel set maintenance programs. Detailed analysis of the wheel profile wear and creation of the maintenance planning.