In 2011, CAF signed a contract with ŽPCG of Montenegro for the design, production and supply of 3 Civity regional trains. These electric units consist of 3 cars, with the capacity to transport 165 seated passengers.

These trains provide a service on the Northwest line that runs from Podgorica to Nikšic, which has been rehabilitated for higher speeds and electrified at 25 kV.

The Civity trains are low floor and desiged to provide maximum user comfort. They boast the best accessibility conditions for persons with reduced mobility, as well as an inside area adapted to their requirements.

Its sophisticated aerodynamic design, lighter weight thanks to shared bogies and its recyclability with regards to materials used for production show Civity’s commitment to the environment.

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Technical data sheet

  • Composition Mc-M-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 59,200
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 120
  • Equipment
    • Cab and saloon  air conditioning
    • Wheel spin protection and wheel slide protection
    • Automatic station announcer and graphics of active lines
    • Sander
    • Automatic couplers
    • IGBT power electric equipment
    • Space for bicycles
    • Space for two wheelchairs
    • Dead Men
    • Front and side (one on each side) destination signs on the exterior
    • Passenger Information
    • Electric door mechanism
    • Event Recorder (OTMR)
    • Automatic system for the activation and disconnection of the train services
    • Video surveillance system
    • Fire detection system