In 2011, CAF signed a contract with the Friuli Venecia Giulia region to supply 8 electric trains to run on their Trenitalia operated regional lines. These units form a part of the Civity family, a range of low floor modular trains that meet the requirements of today’s most important European operators and clients.

This unit consists of 5 cars for mass passenger transport, with a floor height of 600 mm, facilitating train access from any platform type. The train also includes two places for persons with reduced mobility in wheelchairs and a lift providing easy access to the vehicle for said passenger.

Subsequently, both parties have signed a new contract for the supply of a further 4 trains, in this case, dual voltage Civity trains. These units are designed to run on the Austrian and Slovenian trans-border networks with the Friuli-Venecia Giulia region.




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Technical data sheet

  • Composition Mc-M-T-M-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 91,600
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 160
  • Equipment
    • Cab and saloon  air conditioning
    • Fire detection and extinguishing system
    • Wheel spin protection and wheel slide protection.
    • Automatic station announcement
    • Sander
    • Event recorder
    • Video Surveillance System
    • Automatic couplers
    • Video-entertainment system
    • IGBT power electric equipment
    • Mobile telephony GSM-R equipment
    • Space for bicycles
    • Space for two wheelchairs
    • Dead Men
    • Front and side (one on each side) destination signs on the exterior
    • Passenger Information
    • Electric door mechanism
    • Unobstructed gangway between cars
    • SCMT system