BB locomotive + pilot wagon each fitted with a driver cab and in a grinding train and rail turning. It is adapted for particularly dusty environments (metal particles from grinding). The locomotive is equipped with two traction chains: Diesel-hydraulic and Diesel-hydrostatic for, respectively, gears with isolated machine and at a low speed and extremely constant for grinding.

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Technical data sheet

  • Composition Mc
  • Train length (mm): 20,000
  • Equipment
    • Diesel-hydraulic traction: MTU Engine (1570 kW) 16V 396 TC14 with Voith gear-unit for light running and second hydrostatic power pack for rail grinding operations (keeping slow speed highly constant regardless of the track profile: ramp, level or descending section).
    • Pressurised locomotive to prevent the ingress of metallic particles due to rail grinding operations.
    • Air conditioning in locomotive cab and driver wagon which ensures grinding wheel guiding and control and measurement of the results obtained on the rails after grinding.