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CAF will attend the Berlin Innotrans Fair

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CAF’s Backlog at the 31st of March, 2008 is at 3.225 million euros, i.e. a 3.3 % increase on the Backlog at the 31st of March, last year.

The Net Turnover at the 31st of March, 2008, lies at 251,9 million euros, i.e. 23,3 million euros (10.2%) more than in March, 2007 (with 43% relating to the foreign market.

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CAF has been awarded extensions for the Rome Metro and Santiago de Chile Metro contracts

COMUNE DI ROMA has awarded CAF the extension of the supply of trains for Line A of the ROME METRO, specifically consisting of 8 additional train units, each with 6 cars.

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CAF to attend the 6th UIC High Speed08 Congress to be held in Amsterdam from the 17th to 19th March

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On closure of the third quarter of 2007, CAF obtains a net profit of 58 million euros, representing a 183 % increase on the same period in 2006

At 30/09/07 the turnover amounted to 625.39 million euros, i.e. 12% more than that relating to the same date in 2006. 35% relates to exportation.

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In 2007 CAF made a profit before taxation of 97,991 thousand euros

In 2007 CAF made a profit before taxation of 97,991 thousand euros, meaning an increase of 130% on the results of 2006.

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CAF Secures 9-Train Award for Line A of the Mexico City Metro

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CAF awarded 30 suburban trains by RENFE amounting to 233.1 Million Euro (Civia IV)

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Turkish Railways extend the order placed with CAF with two more trains to €37 M.

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