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CAF held its General Meeting of Shareholders corresponding to 2002

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Our Railway Technology Centre has developed a new communication system

The said system satisfies all the regulations currently in force and in particular the IEC 61375-1 regulation, and is being adopted by the main leaders of the railway sector.

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The value of CAF‘s order book increased by 135.4 million euros during 2002

The pre-tax profit stood at 12.56 million euros. CAF‘s turnover was 392.48 million euros in 2002, slightly up on the previous year.

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CAF has been awarded the tender to supply 33 trains of the Barcelona Metro

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CAF to build 17 Mexico City Metro trains for 182 million euros

CAF is to build 17 complete trains, each with nine coaches, of the 45 that make up the fleet contracted in the international tender held by Mexico City Metro.

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CAF will supply the Seville Metro rolling stock for a sum of 46.5 million euros.

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CAF at the 55th UITP World Congress and Mobility and City Transport Exhibition

CAF at the 55th UITP World Congress and Mobility and City Transport Exhibition.

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CAF obtains a new contract in Ireland.

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CAF opens the Railway Technology Centre

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