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CAF held its General Shareholders’ Meeting in Beasain

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CAF is to extend its industrial activities in the U.S.A.

CAF plans to extend its industrial activities in the U.S.A

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CAF increased its orderbook by 53% to 1,256 million at the end of 2001

The turnover was 386.85 million euros in 2001, 5% more than the previous year.

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CAF will make 33 trains for Rome´s Metro Network

The Comune di Roma, managing the Italian capital´s metro network, has announced today the signing of a framework agreement with CAF for the making of 45 6-coach trains

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CAF and Alstom win the contract for the project on the Madrid-Barcelona AVE shut

The consortium made up by CAF and Alston has won the contest for the making of 20 suttle trains for the Madrid-Barcelona AVE line

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Design of the first, life size VIRTUAL TRAIN

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CAF is awarded a contract for 130 million euros in ireland

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RENFE awards to CAF the supply of 21 regional diesel trains

RENFE´s board of directors has awarded today to CAF the making of 21 new regional diesel trains, for a total of 15,800 million pesetas.

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