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CAF’s backlog as of 31st March, 2013 equals €4,866.3 M. Of the current backlog, more than 85% relates to international market projects.

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CAF announced results for the year 2012

CAF’s backlog as of 31st December, 2012 equals €4,941.4 M. Circa 85% of the current backlog relates to projects in the international market.

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CAF signs a new contract to supply Rome Metro Units

CAF has signed a new contract with the Rome City Council – ROMA CAPITALE – for the supply of 15 ROME METRO Units, with 6 cars each, including the maintenance of the Units for a period of five years. The deal is worth €113 million.

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Helsinki’s new metro trains to be delivered by CAF

Helsinki’s new metro trains will be ordered from the Spanish manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A. (CAF). HKL’s Executive Board decided upon the matter at its meeting on 16 October.

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Consorcio VLT CUIABA (CAF - CR ALMEIDA - SANTA BARBARA) awarding of the Cuiaba tram project in Brazil

CAF, in a consortium with the Brazilian civil works companies, CR Almeida and Santa Barbara (Consorcio VLT Cuiabá), has signed a turnkey contract for the construction of the civil work, electromechanical system and the supply of 40 units of 7 modules of t

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Two new contract awards to CAF in Brazil for the Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre cities

The FROTA BH consortium headed by CAF, has been the awarded with a contract to supply 10 trains, 4-car each, to CBTU (Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos) for the Brazilian city Belo Horizonte, capital of the Minas Gerais state.

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CAF increases their turnover by 7.6% at the end of september, 2012, rith regardsthe gils that attend

The Net Turnover as of 30th of September, 2012, is 1,294 mill. euros, i.e. 91,7 mill. euros (7,6%) more than at September, 2011. It must also be pointed out that the percentage of turnover relating to exportation reached 80%.

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News Sala de prensa News « Backlista 26-07-2012 CAF increases their turnover and profits in the first half of 2012 compared to the first half of 2011

The Net Turnover at the 30th of June 2012, lies at 935.7 million euros, i.e. 91.4 million euros more than in the first half of 2011 (+11%).

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CAF increased turnover and profits in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same period of 2011

Orders on Hand as of the 31st of March, 2012 lie at €4,977.5 M, i.e. 12% increase on Orders on Hand as of the 31st of March, the year before.

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