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CAF obtained a profit of 8,325 million euros at the end of the third quarter of this year. This figure represents an increase of 24.18% with respect to the same date last year

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CAF took part as cosponsor in the conferences regarding this material

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CAF obtained an after-tax profit of 5.966 billion euros during the first half of 2004, which represents an 11% increase with respect to the same period last year

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MINTRA awards CAF a 609.8 million euro contract to design

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CAF’s consolidated net profit amounted to 3.05 million euros at the end of the first quarter, 10.1% higher than on the same date in 2003

Turnover in the first quarter was 126.6 million euros, 19.1% higher than the figure recorded at the end of March 2003.,

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CAF will be on show at the Mobility and City Transport Exhibition to be held in Rome and organised by the UITP from June 5-9, 2005

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CAF will supply the Rome Metro with six new train

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The CAF General Shareholders Meeting of 5/6/04 has approved a dividend payment of 1.09 euros per share.

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CAF’s Board of Directors convenes the General Shareholders’ Meeting on 5-6 June 2004

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