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CAF will make 33 trains for Rome´s Metro Network

The Comune di Roma, managing the Italian capital´s metro network, has announced today the signing of a framework agreement with CAF for the making of 45 6-coach trains. The first 33 ones have already been contracted to the value of 38,339 million pesetas. 


The new Roma Metro Network trains that CAF will make will be six-coach vehicles, four of them truck ones and with a cab in the two ends. They will have a continuous hallway allowing to walk through the whole train and will be made of aluminum.


Every train will have room for 210 sitting passengers and 992 standing ones. The units will be equipped with a public address system and destination indicators, air conditionate, fire auto-diagnose, detection and extinction, antimounting, black box, videosecurity system, analogical radiotelephony, ATP and TWC and DABA accurate stop system.

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