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CAF increases their turnover by 7.6% at the end of september, 2012, rith regardsthe gils that attend


The Net Turnover as of 30th of September, 2012, is 1,294 mill. euros, i.e. 91,7 mill. euros (7,6%) more than at September, 2011. It must also be pointed out that the percentage of turnover relating to exportation reached 80%.

At 30 September, 2012 the EBITDA Margin was approximately 11,58%.

The Company’s profit for the year, prior to Company Taxation, as of 30 September, 2012, amounted to 103.8 mill. euros, i.e. 9.7% more than that obtained in the same period in 2011.

The Net Profit for the year, after Company Taxation, at the 30th of September, 2012, amounted to 78,8 mill. euros, i.e. a 6,1% drop in profit for the same quarter in 2011. This drop is the result of the increased Corporate Tax expenses, which rose from 10.7 mill. Euros in September, 2011 to 24.9 mill. Euros in September, 2012.

The Backlog at the 30th of September, 2012 lies at 4,859.1 mill. euros, i.e. similar to the Backlog at the 30th of September, the year before.

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