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CAF’s backlog at 31 December  2013 amounts to €4,802.9 M. Approximately 80% of the backlog relates to international market projects.




The Net Turnover at 31 December 2013, lies at €1,535.2 M with 83.2% associated with global markets. This figure is lower than that at the closure of year 2012, which totalled €1,721.2 M.


The EBITDA Margin at the end of December 2013, amounted to €222.9 M, which is approx. 23% more than €181.9 M posted in year 2012.


The Company’s Profit before Corporate Tax, as of 31 December 2013 was €114.3 M, which comes short of the €127.8 M posted in year 2012.


The Net Profit for the year, after Corporate Tax, as of 31 December 2013 amounts to €91 M, which is 6% of the sales volume.


Some of CAF’s projects underway worthy of mention include the supply of Suburban Units for São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Recife (in Brazil), Trieste (Italy), Auckland (New Zealand) and EuskoTrenbideak; trains for Amtrak in the United States of America, Italy and Saudi Arabia; LRVs for the cities of  Málaga, Granada, Stockholm, Houston, Cincinnati, Kansas, Besançon, Sydney, Birmingham, Fribourg, Tallinn, Cuiaba and Kaohsiung in Taiwan; and metro units for the cities of Rome, Bucharest, Caracas, São Paulo, Medellín, Santiago de Chile and Helsinki.

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