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CAF signed today the contract to supply 37 low floor trams, with an extension option for up to a further 87 vehicles, for the city of Budapest. These will be purchased by BKK, the organization responsible for the city's transport. The tender, starting early this year, established the need for 2 tram types, 25 of which are 34 metres long, with the remaining 12 vehicles being 56 metres long. The contract amounts to approximately €90 M and the project has been funded by the European Union in the framework of current investment and development plans implemented in this country.


The Hungarian capital, a pioneer in this means of transport, boasts an extensive tram network with almost 40 lines running throughout the city. Some of these lines are among the lines carrying the highest numbers of passengers across Europe. The decision of the Hungarian authorities to award the project to CAF was based on the grounds of the design and technical features of the units offered by CAF, as well as the possibility of storing energy on board for catenary-free travel along sections of the old quarters of the city.


The Urbos platform trams are the vehicles proposed for the city of Budapest, consisting of five and nine module units. This is a two-way vehicle with four double doors on each side of the five module tram, and seven double doors on the nine module tram. They are prepared to run on 1435 mm gauge track at a service speed of 50 km/h.


The five module trams have a capacity of 326 passengers whilst the nine module trams can transport up to 562 passengers, and they will become one of the longest in the world. The entire tram surface is at the same level, providing easier access for persons with reduced mobility, including passengers in wheelchairs or with pushchairs (two per vehicle).


The system is also equipped with a state-of-the-art video entertainment and passenger information system (interior and exterior panels, TFT screens, emergency intercoms, etc.) for perfect passenger orientation.


Also of note, CAF is currently executing another project in the country, supplying trams for the city of Debrecen, underlining the company's special interest in the European market. Stand out projects, amongst those currently implemented by the company on the continent, include the supply of trams for the cities of Stockholm, Belgrade, Besançon, Tallinn, Fribourg and Birmingham, metro units for Rome, Bucharest and Helsinki and regional and commuter trains for various regions in Italy.



CAF has been awarded the following remarkable projects in the last few months:

A contract signed at the end of 2013, for the supply of four 3-module Urbos trams for Kansas city, in the United States, similar to those currently produced by the Company for the city of Cincinnati, and totalling approximately €10 M. These trams are scheduled for delivery over the course of 2015.


So far in 2014, CAF has signed an extension to the contract currently being executed for SAR (Saudi Railway Company), which involves the supply of an additional 3 locomotives and 17 cars. The first deliveries are scheduled to be made in Saudi Arabia in 2015 with this extension amounting to a total of approximately €40 M.


Also, la Giunta di Roma Capitale awarded CAF the supply of three additional trains for Metro de Roma Line B. In all, this totals 71 trains (426 cars) supplied by CAF to this customer over recent years.


Finally, the last few weeks have witnessed confirmation of the supply of 3 additional trains for Metro de Medellín, together with workshop equipment and tools for approximately €15 M. The Tallinn (Estonia) contract has also been extended with the supply of a further 4 trams to add to the 16 units the Company is already building, totalling approximately €10 M.

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