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The Istanbul Metro has awarded Mitsubishi Corporation and CAF (car builder) a new project to supply Metro Cars to this city. Negotiations extended for several months but were concluded recently with the signing of the Contract.


The contract price is €119m and comprises delivery of 21 trains made of 6 cars each (126 cars in total) which will run in Driverless mode on the UU Line of the city's metro network.


With a population of more than 12 million, the city of Istanbul inaugurated the first metropolitan transit system line in 2000. Indeed, in year 2009 this Operator awarded CAF the supply of 30 Metro Units which are able to carry up to 1300 passengers. These cars were meant for the Kadikoy-Kartal line which had been recently inaugurated on the Asian side of the city.


In addition to these contracts, CAF has developed other projects in this country which are worth mentioning: supply of 12 High Speed Units for the line that links Ankara and Istanbul, the two main Turkish cities; supply of 14 Trams for the coastal town of Antalya in late 2009; and supply of 33 Suburban Units for the city of Izmir, which were delivered in 2010.


This new project adds to CAF's three contracts signed to date in Turkey, for a total turnover in excess of €600m. Besides, CAF's operations in this country cover virtually all types of products required by railway operators, reinforcing a fully comprehensive and competitive range of products.

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