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The city of Naples has notified CAF of the provisional award of a framework contract for a term of 6 years which comprises the supply of ten 6-car units for the city's Metro Line 1, with the option of 10-train extension during said term. These are cutting edge trains fitted with state-of-the-art technology for this type of vehicles. The Naples Metro project is financed by public funds amounting to €98 million.


Naples is the most densely populated city in the south of Italy, with approximately 3 million inhabitants residing in the metropolitan area. The city has two lines on the metro network (1 and 6), operated by ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità), a public company of the Naples City Council which governs the public transport services in the city.


In the last few years, CAF has succeeded in expanding the company's operations in Italy with a broad range of vehicles and services. It should be pointed out that CAF is currently one of the leading Metro suppliers for the capital, having supplied 71 units for the Rome Metro under various contracts executed since the first contract was signed in 2002, with all the units now providing passenger services.

CAF has also been involved in various projects in the transalpine country, such as the supply of 12 electric trains for the northern region of Trieste, which will also connect the transalpine region to Austria and Slovenia, and the 5 units for the Bari region, both Civity suburban platform projects, as well as the supply of 8 diesel trains for the Sardinia regional lines and the contract entered into with Milan Metro for the supply of 250 bogies for the units which run in the Lombard capital.


All of the above substantiates the Company's presence and commitment in a country where, aside from the contracts for the supply of vehicles, the Company has also performes significant maintenance operations - the current refurbishment of the locomotives for Trenitalita, leading Italian train operator, being of particular importance.


The contract underpins CAF's commitment to the European market where, thus far in 2016, substantial contracts have been awarded in the United Kingdom - with the operators Arriva and First Group - which amount to a combined total in excess of €1,000 million.


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