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Zweckverband Schönbuchbahn (ZVS), public transport authority in Germany, has notified CAF of the award for a contract which comprises the supply of 9 three-car Light Rail Vehicle units for the Schönbuchbahn and the integral maintenance over 19 years with the option to request up to an additional 19 trains. The contract consists of cutting edge trains equipped with state of the art technology for this new type of vehicle. The base contract for the supply of rolling stock is €51.3 million.


The new electrical LRVs will be operated on the network of ZVS between Böblingen – Holzgerlingen – Dettenhausen. The trains will be delivered in 2020 with start of operation end of 2020.


Nowadays DMUs are operated on the Schönbuchbahn but recently the work on the expansion and electrification of the Schönbuchbahn to Dettenhausen has been started and is supposed to be finished until 2020. ZVS will build a new workshop in Böblingen with 3 tracks and modern equipment for the light maintenance of the new vehicles by CAF and for the future operator of the trains who will still be called for tender.


Each three-car unit will provide a capacity to transport a large number of passengers and will also be fitted out with spacious gangways, as well as areas allotted specifically for persons with reduced mobility. The vehicles are easily accessible in its entirety from one end to the other, making it easy to move between modules during the journey. In terms of their external visual appearance, the vehicle will follow the corporate design concept, dynamic shaped and featuring fluid lines. The vehicles will be equipped with the latest innovations on these types of vehicles incl. air conditioning system.


This second project in Germany marks CAF's clear aspiration to be also successful in the German market, where they have already supplied tramway vehicles for the city of Freiburg.


Santiago de Chile and Medellin Metro Contracts Extended 

Santiago de Chile Metro has recently announced the decision to award CAF with the manufacturing of 4 more units under the contract that CAF is currently completing for this customer. This project is valued in excess of €160 million. It was signed in late 2013 for the supply of the rolling stock for Lines 3 and 6 in the Chilean capital and the associated maintenance for 20 years. To date CAF has delivered 20 units out of a total of 37 units specified in this project.

In addition, CAF has concluded with the Medellin Metro the supply of two additional units over the 20 units currently being manufactured by the Company for this Colombian city.


The aggregate total of these operations, including the contract won in Germany and both extended projects in Chile and Colombia surpasses €110 million. 


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