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Once again, Luxembourg chooses CAF as tram supplier 


On Monday 4 June, the Minister for Transport of Luxembourg, François Bausch, and the Major of Luxembourg City, Lydie Polfer, held a press conference to present the second phase of the city tram line which is currently under construction. The primary feature of this new phase is catenary-free running. The units are power supplied at tram stops by means of a ground-level charging system.


The operator, Luxtram, has selected CAF as the supplier of 12 trams for the commissioning of this new phase with an aggregate in excess of 40 million euro. Remarkably, CAF signed a contract in 2015 with the same operator for the supply of 21 units which are currently running in revenue service.


The new trams belong to the Urbos 3 family, and are similar to those in operation on the current line. They are fitted with supercapacitor accumulator technology and ground-level rapid charging at stations. Consequently, Luxembourg will be the second city in the world boasting this innovative technology by CAF. This technology reduces the architectural impact of tram overhead catenaries in city centres, saves energy by preventing rheostatic losses on the line, and optimizes brake energy regeneration.


CAF Group's affiliate, CAF Turnkey & Engineering, will be entrusted with the supply of facilities and charging equipment for each tram stop.



CAF awarded with two contracts for the cities of Freiburg (Germany) and Lund (Sweden) 


The City of Freiburg in Germany renews its trust in CAF with the new contract award for the supply of an additional 5 trams. This order is an extension of the Urbos fleet of 12 trams recently supplied by the Company and which are currently providing revenue service in the city. Furthermore, the contract contemplates the eventual extension of the procurement with yet another seven unit order.


Seated on the edge of the Black Forest, Freiburg has 220,000 inhabitants and sports a distinct inclination towards sustainability and proactive protection and preservation of the environment. In this context, the new trams will become a hallmark of the city where car traffic ranks lower in transport preferences.


Besides, Skånetrafiken, the transport operator of the  Skåne region in the south of Sweden, has selected CAF for the supply of 7 trams for the city of Lund. These units will run along the 5.5 km line with 9 stops which is currently being built in the city.


In this particular case, CAF's scope includes the maintenance of the units for 10 years in addition to the supply of the vehicles. Again, provisions have been made for the extension of the number of units.


The Units to be supplied to this Scandinavian country are also part of the Urbos Tram platform. Vehicles will comprise 5 modules each for a total length of 32 meters. They will feature state-of-the-art technology helping minimize both operating and maintenance costs.


The aggregate of the aforementioned two contracts is close to 60 million euro, but this figure could fall short in case any of the extension options are exercised.


Yet again, CAF upholds its commitment to supplying high quality transit vehicles which are comfortable and accessible and promote sustainable transport in urban areas. After all, we mustn't forget that CAF’s trams are already running on a long list of European cities such as, Budapest, St. Etienne, Nantes, Belgrade, Utrecht, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Stockholm.


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