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Sporveien, the public operator for all urban transport in the Norwegian capital has given notice that CAF’s bid has been selected for the contract for the supply of 87 trams. The contract volume will exceed 200 million euros, whilst a possible extension of a further 60 trams will also be considered.


The Oslo tram network consists of six lines with a total of 99 stops along the routes and, serving a daily total of in excess of 130,000 passengers, it has become one of the city's main means of transport. The purchase of this new fleet of vehicles falls within the scope of the plans for the extension and modernisation of the tram line that the city is currently undertaking, where the units currently providing the service will be replaced.


This marks one of the largest tram contracts that CAF has been awarded to date, and the largest tender, in terms of volume, open this year on the tram market. It must also be highlighted that this is the second vehicle contract awarded to CAF in the Scandinavian country, as the high speed Oaris range units are currently in the testing stage for the express service between Gardemoen airport and Oslo city centre, which will be operated by the company Flytoget.


The tram offered in the bid is part of CAF’s Urbos range, which, over the past few years has become the world leader in the modern tram (low floor) sector, with contracts recently awarded in Amsterdam, Flanders, Luxembourg, Birmingham, etc.


The units will be 34 metres long, with six double access doors and they will be similar to those units CAF previously supplied to the French city of Nantes. The design also includes special features to withstand the typical demanding weather conditions in Norway. The units also include state-of-the-art systems such as the "head-up display", the scope radar to prevent running people over, wi-fi, USB chargers, double screens for the passenger information system, etc. It must also be pointed out that the Urbos range trams have been designed to reduce impact on the environment during the entire operating life of the unit, from its original design, to its manufacturing, its energy consumption through to its recyclability.


This new project strengthens CAF’s backlog, and is yet another addition to other recent awardings in this first half of 2018 such as the supply of metro units for the cities of Naples, Barcelona and Amsterdam, trams for Luxembourg, Freiburg and Lund, as well as the supply of diesel trains for the Wales and Borders franchise in the United Kingdom, which was reported just a few days ago, all of which were obtained in the European market.

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