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CAF USA is seeking qualified DBEs and SBEs which can provide the following materials and perform the following work for railcar manufacturing: sheet metal, machining, welding, stamping, decalcomania & labels, cabling, adhesives, steel plates, floor panels, paint, insulation, side skirts and roof shrouds, pantographs, propulsion equipment, traction motors, high speed circuit breakers, master controller, propulsion wiring, propulsion gear boxes, floor covering, seats, interior lining, auxiliary converter and battery charger, electrical panels and wiring for auxiliaries, HVAC units, brake electronic control unit, gangways, articulation portal assembly, PA systems including destination signs, window frames & glazing, CCTV, passenger counting systems, monitoring & diagnosis systems, railcar interior & exterior lighting, handrails, radios, transportation, door controls, door operator and panels, automatic couplers, journal bearings, wheelsets, hydraulic brake equipment, event recorders.


All firms must have service proven experience and meet CAF USA’s supplier standards. Firms must also possess the necessary certifications. Small businesses must meet SBA size standards and DBEs must have current DBE certification from a UCP-authorized agency.


CAF USA Inc. requests and encourages any certified DBE &SBE firms to submit information stating qualifications and areas of expertise. Information may be submitted via email at or sent to the address below.


Tonia Crosby, DBE Administrator


1401 K St. NW, Ste. 1003

Washington, DC 20005

Tel: (202) 898-4848


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