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The CAF Group recently closed contracts covering a wide range of businesses the Company currently works in; ranging from the manufacture and supply of trains and buses to the development of projects related to signalling and the rehabilitation of trains.




Translink and CAF have signed a contract for an amount of €56 million for the supply of 21 new intermediate cars for Northern Ireland Railways (NIR). Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2021, with scheduled commissioning for the whole supply by autumn 2022. This is an option covered in the previous contract signed between CAF and the Northern Irish operator in 2009.


The new vehicles will offer about 1,400 additional seats, increasing capacity to cope with the growing number of passengers using the Northern Ireland rail service. Fully compatible with the Class 4000 fleet previously built by CAF, they will allow Translink to operate over 6 trains on busy routes during rush hour.


CAF UK Director, Richard Garner, said “We are delighted to have obtained this new contract with Translink. It is the third contract awarded to CAF by this operator and we are eager to work together again.”


“Translink NIR is experiencing an increase of passengers and our latest generation trains, equipped with state-of-the-art systems and meeting the highest levels of comfort and accessibility together with high safety standards, will help meet this growing demand.”


Chris Conway, Executive Director of the Translink Group, said, “this is great news and an important step in the development of the railway network in Northern Ireland. The number of passengers has increased by more than 130% in the last 12 years, reaching 15 million passengers last year, which are unprecedented numbers in the 50-year history of Northern Ireland Railways. In response to this, a new fleet has been incorporated, investments have been made in infrastructure and services, and schedules have been improved, with the fundamental purpose of enhancing the overall passenger experience.”


He also added “we are pleased to work once again with one of the international market leaders, CAF, after exercising the option of additional cars included in the original contract for the acquisition of Class 4000 trains.”


“As more and more people choose railway transit as their first transport mode choice, for studying, shopping, and the pursue of health and leisure activities, we will be adding to this new fleet, following the significant investment in public transport made by the Infrastructure Department.”


The new contract continues the long and successful relationship of CAF with Translink NIR, to which CAF previously supplied 23 Class 3000 diesel multiple units (DMU), which were commissioned in 2004 and 2005, as well as 20 Class 4000 DMUs, operational since September 2011.




CAF has been chosen by the city of Medellín (Colombia) for the rehabilitation of 42 x 3-car units manufactured in the mid-90s and currently operating in the Colombian city’s metro network. The operation amounts to approximately €80 million.


The scope of the work covers the modernisation and upgrading of the units in their structure and interior and exterior decoration, as well as the replacement and retrofit of some of the vehicles’ main equipment and systems, such as the traction systems, auxiliary equipment, brakes and lighting.


Medellín is the second most populous city in Colombia, with a population of more than 2.5 million people, and is recognized for its commitment to promoting innovation in urban solutions and sustainable urban development. In particular, the metro network is the only one in the country and was opened in 1995. It is one of the main mass transit systems of the Aburrá Valley and its metropolitan area currently consisting of two main lines and 27 stations along its more than 30 kilometres of track.


In recent years, CAF has developed several projects for the Medellín Metro, and has supplied a total of 36 units since 2011, which are now providing revenue service in the Colombian city, and therefore, this new agreement demonstrates the Colombian Authorities' trust in the Company. In addition, it reinforces CAF's footprint in the Latin American market where it has developed important projects both for the supply of units and under the concession formula for rolling stock. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, and soon Ecuador, together with Colombia itself, are some of the countries that have CAF vehicles serving on their railway lines.




Trenitalia S.p.A., the Italian national railway operator, has awarded the joint venture (made by CAF, as leader, and A.M. General Contractor S.p.A.), the contract for the design, supply and installation of fire detection and extinguishing equipment, among others, in accordance with standards EN45545 and UNI11565, for 670 passenger cars on the Intercity (IC) fleet, previously supplied by other manufacturers. The base volume of the contract is €36 million euro, with the option of an extension for another 253 additional cars.


The scope of CAF, in addition to the integration of firefighting equipment, includes the design, supply and installation of the new Ethernet and 24 Vdc communication line, including the approval and commissioning tests.


The installation and testing work will be carried out in 5 different Trenitalia workshops in Italy and will be carried out by the Company's affiliate in the country, CAF Italia, with personnel qualified according to ANSF regulations.


These IC trains currently operate on lines going from the north to the south of Italy, connecting more than 200 stations, representing the most important transport service - after the high speed service - between medium-sized and large cities via the day/night services they offer.


This new contract adds to ongoing operations of CAF with Trenitalia, as 18 units out of the total supply of 40 E402a locomotives are currently in service following the retrofit with new traction and TCMS equipment supplied by CAF Power & Automation.




The government-owned company ADIF has awarded CAF Signalling, a subsidiary of the CAF Group, two contracts for an overall amount of €16 million. The first of them covers the preparation and implementation of the project for the renovation and expert support for the maintenance of the Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) systems of León and Oviedo on the conventional rail network; while the second contract covers the preparation and implementation of the project for the renovation and expert support for the maintenance of the CTC systems of El Berrón, Santander and Bilbao, on the metric gauge network.


Both contracts establish a period of 4 months for the drafting of the construction project, 20 months for implementation and 20 years for maintenance. Within the framework of these projects, the aforementioned command posts will be equipped with new architectures for Hardware and Software and Systems, providing more optimal, reliable and safe management


The awarding of these contracts positions CAF Signalling as one of the main suppliers of Control Systems for the Spanish Rail network.




Lastly, it should be noted that Solaris, a CAF Group company, was awarded a contract for the supply of 88 Urbino18 articulated buses for the Latvian Capital, Riga. This is an extension of the framework agreement signed in 2013 between Solaris and the city’s public transport operator, R?gas Satiksme.


This agreement included the supply of up to 175 conventional Solaris buses, of which, to date, 140 units have been delivered to the operator.


Thus, the new contract covers the supply of 88 additional buses, which means that the operator has decided to increase the number of units, in the initial agreement of 5 years ago, by 53 more vehicles. It is estimated that the first 10 Solaris Urbino18 will be ready for service on the streets of the Latvian capital next year.


This new operation amounts to approximately €35 million euro, and combines with other projects that the company has carried out in the country in recent years, where Solaris has supplied a total of 528 vehicles, 455 of which have been supplied to the capital Riga.


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