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CAF has been awarded with train maintenance contracts in Spain and Saudi Arabia for in excess of €240M.


First off, RENFE chose CAF for the maintenance of the operator's Madrid commuter trains s/446 y CIVIA and medium distance regional trains s/596, s/596 y s/598. These contracts will be performed through their joint venture, ACTREN, in partnership with RENFE for a term of 4 years, with the option of an additional year considered.


It should be recalled that ACTREN started operations with RENFE in 2007 and has since performed the maintenance of a significant number of RENFE fleets. Highlights include the maintenance of high speed units with ongoing current operations, hence, these new awards built on the close relationship established between the two companies over recent years.


The Bilbao Metro has designated CAF for the contract to overhaul 218 bogies on 24 units of Series 500. The awarded contract term will be 5 years, and provides continuity to previous contracts for the overhaul of Series 550 and 600 bogies.


Finally, both state owned railway companies in Saudi Arabia, SRO (Saudi Railways Organization) and SAR (Saudi Railway Company) have entrusted CAF with the maintenance of their fleets. In the case of SRO, a contract has recently been entered into for the maintenance of 12 Push-Pull units which serve the Riyadh - Dammam line. In the case of SAR, 6 Push-Pull units which serve the Riyadh - Qurayyat line will be maintained. The term of both contracts will be 3 years, expanding on the operations already performed since the commissioning of these units as of now, for a consolidation of CAF’s operations with the state owned operators in Saudi Arabia.


In the particular case of the Saudi company SRO, CAF supplied these units pursuant to a contract signed in 2008 for the supply of 8 units, which was subsequently extended with an additional 4 units. In 2012, CAF entered into an agreement with SAR to supply the six Push-Pull units which serve the line operated by this Saudi company. The trains have been designed to run at a maximum speed of 200 km/h, and provide revenue service under extreme conditions of up to 55ºC, constantly holding on to the strictest comfort and reliability standards. They will be maintained at facilities equipped by CAF in the country.


These contracts are testament to CAF’s firm undertaking to promote railway maintenance business. It is worth noting that the maintenance business currently boasts over 50 maintenance contracts in 13 countries, maintaining 6,200 railroad vehicles with a work force of more than 2,300.

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