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CAF ends 2008 with a net Profit, after Company Taxation, of 105.7 million euros.

CAF’s Backlog at the 31st of December, 2008 is at 4,137.4 million euros, i.e. a 21.3% increase on the Backlog at the 31st of December, last year. Of the current backlog, almost 50% relates to foreign market projects.


The Net Turnover at 31 December, 2008 is 1,005.0 thousand euros, i.e. an increase of 130.5 million euros (14.9%) on the amount at the end of 2007 (41% relates to the foreign market).

Net Profit for the year, after Company Taxation, at 31 December, 2008, amounted to 105.7 million euros, i.e. a 21% increase over the profit, after taxation, in 2007, consolidating the significant grpwth trend over recent years.

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