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The Italian transport operator ATM Milano plans to do away with all diesel buses from the city by 2030. And as the first major step towards achieving this, the company launched a major call for tenders for the supply of up to 250 electric buses for the city a few months ago, with the contract being awarded to Solaris. This award consists of a framework agreement worth approximately €192 million, and the delivery of the first batch comprising 40 buses is expected to start in June 2020. Thanks to this project, Solaris reinforces its position as European leader in the electric bus market segment.


The framework agreement for the supply of electric buses to ATM Milan is one of the largest contracts won by Solaris to date and the biggest electric bus manufacturing project in Europe.  With this operation, the Italian operator demonstrates its major commitment to banishing diesel vehicles from the city by 2030, entrusting this project to the Polish company (member of the CAF Group) and its Urbino electric bus. These buses are set to play a chief role in the sustainable mobility policy implemented by the capital of Lombardy.


The vehicle selected is the Urbino 12 electric city bus, Solaris' flagship product, already in operation in tens of cities in 17 European countries, which has met the expectations of the different transport authorities. It should be noted that this model won the most prestigious award in the bus industry "Bus of the Year 2017".


Urbino 12 is a 12-metre electric bus equipped with Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity exceeding 240 kWh. Electricity to charge batteries is supplied by a pantograph system and via a plug-in connection located at the bus depot.


Some of the benefits of this new electric bus mainly include reduced noise emission and vibrations, but it ensures, above all, a complete absence of emissions which will contribute to improve the quality of life of Milanese residents. Moreover, the vehicles will feature comfortable spacious interiors fitted with a series of avant-garde solutions such as USB ports for mobile device charging, a modern passenger information system, and video-camera system to increase comfort and safety for passengers during the journey. The bus will have a capacity for 82 people, 26 seated, and will be adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility.


The city of Milan is no stranger to Solaris buses, as 150 buses, including 25 electric models, are providing revenue service in the capital of the North Italy since 2014.


The CAF Group completed the acquisition of Solaris in September 2018. With a turnover of over in excess of €450 million in 2018, Solaris delivered last year 1,226 vehicles including conventional models (diesel and CNG) and a growing number of e-mobility vehicles. The company offers the widest available range of solutions (e.g. hybrid buses, trolleybuses, full-battery and hydrogen fuel cell powered public transport vehicles) in this segment. With the acquisition of Solaris, the CAF Group becomes one of the current market leaders in the urban sustainable bus segment.






Additionally, Solaris unveiled its new zero-emission Urbino 12 hydrogen bus at the Global Public Transport Summit UITP (L'Union internationale des transports publics) held in Stockholm in June 2018,


At the same time, Solaris has secured the first order of this new model for the Italian city of Bolzano, with a scope of supply including 12 units, with additional maintenance and technical servicing for a period of 8 years.


Thus, Bolzano will be the first city to experience the most recent development by Solaris, the Urbino 12 hydrogen bus. This vehicle uses the hydrogen stored in cells arranged alongside the roof to provide the energy required for the vehicle to move, turning hydrogen into electricity. This energy generation technology, along with the regenerative braking system, enables these buses to cover long distances of up to 350 Km producing zero emissions.


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