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Supply of the safety installations for the Mediterranean Corridor in the La Encina-Xátiva-Valencia section.

ADIF’s Board of Directors has resolved, in their meeting held on 31st July, to award the Safety Equipment contract for the Nudo de La Encina-Xátiva-Valencia stretch of the Mediterranean Corridor to the Thales-CAF Signalling Consortium.


The contract comprises the construction project design, performance of the works, preservation and maintenance of the interlocking facilities, train protection systems, Centralized Traffic Control, auxiliary detection systems, power supply system, telecommunications, and safety and protection facilities, for both the Conventional Line and the High Speed Line, with the introduction of the European ERTMS standard signalling system, Levels 1 and 2.


This project amounts to ADIF’s highest investment in Safety Facilities for the last 5 years, and relates to one of the strategic action lines of the Administrator, this being one of the main European Corridors, for freight and passenger transit alike.


The total contract completion time is 36 months, the first 6 of which will be devoted to the drafting and approval of the construction projects, and the performance of the works will extend for a further 30. The contract also comprises 25 years of maintenance for the high speed facilities, and 20 years for the preservation of the conventional network systems.


The award of this project to CAF Signalling, with a total of circa €80 million, will significantly increase the Company’s order backlog and reaffirm their position as one of the leading players in the railway signalling sector in Spain.



Signalling and safety systems for the Zidani Most - Sentilj section (Slovenia)

The Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructures has signed a contract with the consortium made up of the companies ISKRA and CAF Signalling for the refurbishment of the signalling and safety systems between the Zidani Most and Sentilj stations on the Slovenian border with Austria.


The scope of the project, co-funded by the CEF programme (Connecting Europe Facility) and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), includes the design, installation, testing and commissioning of the signalling equipment and systems, replacing the old ISKRA relay interlocks with the CAF Signalling electronic interlocks.


The contract relates to a section of track which extends for 117 km and includes seventeen stations, marking one of the largest investments made in rail signalling in Slovenia in recent years. This is part of the strategic plan of the government to renovate the main lines in the country. The purpose of this plan is to improve both the safety and capacity of the line, in addition to train regularity and frequency whilst reducing maintenance costs.



Signalling and telecommunications systems for the Sofia - Voluyak section (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian national railways infrastructure management company, NRIC (National Railways Infrastructure Company) has also recently awarded the consortium “ERTMS CA Voluyak DZZD,” made up of the Bulgarian company AER and CAF Signalling, the contract to refurbish and modernise the signalling and telecommunications systems on the section connecting the capital city, Sofia with the Voluyak town.


The scope of this project, also co-funded through the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funding programme includes the design, installation, testing and commissioning of all the signalling and telecommunications systems (both ETCS L1 and GSM-R), as well as the implementation of new electronic interlocks produced by CAF Signalling on a track stretch of almost 12 km.


The Sofia - Voluyak section includes the Sofia Central, Obelya and Voluyak stations. This is a strategic project for Bulgaria as the safety and signalling systems at Sofia Central Station, the main station and transport hub in the country, will be refurbished.


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