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The CAF Group bus manufacturer has sealed agreements in both Germany and the Netherlands to supply hydrogen buses. This type of energy is becoming increasingly popular in the environmentally friendly vehicle market, a sector in which Solaris plays a leading role in Europe. These contracts amount to a total value of approximately € 25 million.


Solaris will supply hydrogen buses to the German cities Wuppertal and Cologne 

WSW Mobil GmbH, based in Wuppertal, Germany, and the operator RVK Köln have closed these two contracts under which Solaris will supply 25 new environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered urban buses.


Ten of these 25 buses will run in Wuppertal and the other 15 will run on lines operated by RVK Köln in the neighbouring city of Cologne. The first vehicles will start being delivered this year, and the rest will be supplied over the course of 2021.


The chosen model, the hydrogen-powered Solaris Urbino 12, runs on a set of fuel cells with 70 kW of power. Based on this technology, these buses have a range of up to 350 km on a single charge. Electric energy is generated in the hydrogen fuel cell applying the electric power in the transmission line. As heat and steam are the only elements used in this process the vehicles do not generate any substances that pollute the environment.


They will also be equipped with other solutions on cutting edge urban buses, with technologies that facilitate drivers' tasks, such as the MobilEye Shield + system. This system uses cameras mounted outside the vehicle to significantly improve both passenger and other road users’ safety by detecting pedestrians and cyclists in the vehicle's blind spots. The system also provides a warning if the vehicle leaves its lane without the relevant indications or when the distance to other vehicles is not appropriate. It also warns of any collision risks and provides information of the different speed limits in each area.


In the case of WSW Mobil GmbH, the operator has also chosen to fit the eSConnect system on its vehicles. This system improves fleet management, guaranteeing remote access to updated vehicle data. This makes it possible to react quickly in the event of malfunctions and provides improved control over driving data. It is also possible to generate database reports which provide the customer with complete access to any warnings triggered as well as vehicle operation characteristics. Being able to analyse this information makes it easier to plan fleet operations, thereby guaranteeing maximum operational performance.


The Netherlands also benefit from Solaris hydrogen buses 

In the same vein, Solaris has entered into a contract with the operator Connexxion, which is responsible for transport services in the South Holland province (Zuid-Holland), the most densely populated province in the Netherlands. This contract consists of the supply of 20 hydrogen-powered Solaris Urbino 12 buses to be delivered by late 2021, and includes a 12-year service agreement.


Connexxion is a subsidiary of the Transdev Netherlands group; one of the largest operators and leading players in zero emission public transport in the Netherlands - a country known for its dedication and commitment to this issue.


These vehicles will have 37 seats and USB charging ports, air conditioning, legible information screens, and wheelchair areas. They will also be fitted with a special camera system which replaces the rear-view mirrors and displays the image on screens inside the vehicle.


The hydrogen buses can be refuelled at Heinenoord, near the bus station, where the infrastructure is increasingly used by private cars as hydrogen continues to become an increasingly prevalent source of green energy, offering a quick and convenient charging solution.


It should be noted that the Solaris buses first arrived in the Netherlands in 2017 when Connexxion purchased 40 articulated Urbino 18 units. One year later, it placed a new order with the CAF Group's Polish manufacturer, this time for CNG powered buses.


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