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CAF is awarded the supply of 302 cars for Metro Madrid, including their maintenance

Metro Madrid have informed CAF of the awarding of the contract for the supply of 60 trains (302 cars). The purchase price for said trains is approximately 400 million euros. However, Metro de Madrid shall purchase them under a 17 year lease operation. This leasing, includes maintenance of the trains themselves for a value of 200 million euros.

More than half of the units, specifically 26 units each with 6 cars (162 cars), are destined for the modernisation of line 6, replacing the trains currently running on this line. The remaining supply, specifically 140 cars, shall cover the requirements of the new extensions on other lines on the metropolitain network, such as lines 2, 9 and 11, as well as support for current lines 8 and 10.

The contract involves 45 wide gauge trains (234 cars) and 15 narrow gauge trains (68 cars). All units shall be fitted with state of the art safety and comfort systems, and shall be produced with new fire and smoke resistant materials, with the application of the latest computer technology for control, video information, entertainment and communications systems. These systems include state of the art automatic piloting and protection systems.

Adapted to the requirements of more than 2 and a half million people using the Madrid suburban system every day, the new trains have been designed following ergonomic criteria and shall be equipped with extractable ramps to bridge the space between the train and the platform that could cause a problem for reduced mobility persons. Easing signal understanding, contrasting colours shall be used inside the wagons which shall be complemented with audio and light signals.

The first trains shall be produced in 22 months, whereby the first units are scheduled to be incorporated into the network by mid 2010. Both the amount relating to the operating lease and the resulting amount for the maintenance operations during the established period shall be financed by the Community of Madrid (52%) and the Madrid Town Council (48%).

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