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CAF's consolidated performance for the 1st half of 2008 delivers a net income of €44 M, which marks a 21% year-on-year increase over the same period in 2007

The Net Turnover as of 30th June 2008 is €501.6 M, i.e. 14% over the same period in 2007 (45% relates to exportation).
The Company’s net Profit for the year, after Company Taxation, as of 30 June 2008, amounted to €44.1 M, i.e. 21% increase over the benefits for the 1st half year in 2007.
CAF’s Orders on Hand reached €4108 M at the end of July, with a 20% increase over 2007. It should be noted that more than 50% of orders on hand pertain to foreign markets.

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