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CAF to supply Suburban and Metro Units to the city of São Paulo. This operation amounts to a total of €626 M

CAF has signed two important contracts in Brazil for the delivery of train units to São Paulo, one of the biggest cities of the world with a population of 20 million people and the capital of the most dynamic and industrialized State in Brazil. The turnover of these operations amount to €625 M and it is a momentous step forward in the globalization process of the company.

On the one hand, a contract has been executed with CPTM (Compañía Paulista de Trenes Metropolitanos) for the supply of 40 off 8-car units (320 cars) in an amount of €442 M. CPTM, is a company associated with the Secretary of State for Metropolitan Transport (STM), and provides rail transit services in 22 towns of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo carrying 1.6 million passengers daily. The company is currently undergoing a transformation process with the aim to become the most advanced Railway Operator in Brazil and increase passenger traffic two fold. For this purpose, the Company has significantly increased the investments for the extension of lines, building of stations, infrastructure and for additions to the existing train fleet.

CAF also supplies 17 units of the São Paulo Metro, 6 cars each, which are scheduled for commissioning on lines 1 and 3 of the city metropolitan network. The amount of this operation is €184 million. The São Paulo metro opened up in 1974, has 55 stations and an extension of more than 60 km of tracks, and it is one of the most advanced metro systems throughout the American continent.

Both awarded competitions have been developed under the auspices of the World Bank. The bids were placed in October 2007, and in year 2008 CAF has been designated the successful bidder for both and therefore CAF has been awarded both projects. With these new contracts, CAF consolidates its presence both in Brazil, where it operates from year 1997, and in the Latin-American market. It is worth of note the recent award of contracts to CAF for the Santiago de Chile Metro and Mexico D.F. Metro.

The deliveries of both contracts shall be completed in year 2010.

For the efficient completion of these contracts, CAF shall reinforce its operations in Brazil, where the largest part of these contracts shall be manufactured.

These two contracts and the recent contract for Saudi Arabia, increase CAF’s current portfolio to over € 3800 M, of which more than 50% are international contracts.

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