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CAF is the supplier of the new 87 trams of the Urbos range for Sporveien, public transport operator of the capital Norway. The first units are already in the testing phase and feature LeadMind, CAF's digital platform for optimizing fleet operation and  maintenance. The platform is providing a great improvement from this first phase, accelerating diagnostics times and increasing  customer satisfaction.


Thanks to LeadMind real-time data and advanced analytics capabilities, CAF testing team recognizes that this is an important  advantage to take better and faster decisions to improve reliability during the earliest stages of the project.  

LeadMind its being a key testing process enhancer and a key technology for incident resolution and thus, it favors the delivery of  a train that has been intensely tested, with greater quality and precision. In this process, the operator Sporveien has access to  data, they have all the information when they receive the train and that means transparency and trust. In addition, we continue  strengthening our commitment to provide good service to passengers.  

The advantages of LeadMind, specifically for units at this stage, start from capturing high quality data, providing real time  information and reducing diagnostic times. Therefore, it prepares a datalake for future use cases: from safety to predictive  maintenance, passenger counting or energy consumption which has been started to be developed in coordination with  Sporveien.  

In addition, a strong coordination between onsite and manufacturing teams is gained by having unified access to train  information. It also allows the geolocation of the alarms, telemetry, access to IHM information remotely and rule engine with  automatic notification in order to deal better with the demanding climatic conditions typical of Norway. This way, the Oslo Tram  joins LeadMind in the testing phase and also joins operator activity to offer the best service to passengers.  

This CAF-developed platform is now a reality with more than 30 active projects in 20 different countries. 



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