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For 110 million euros CAF shall develop a tram network in Turkey

CAF, in conjunction with the Builder Alarco, has been awarded a contract for a value of 110 million euros for the design, development and commissioning of a network of trams for the city of Antalya, in Turkey.


The contract, awarded by Natalia Metropolitan Municipality, consists in the construction of an infrastructure for a 11.1 km double line for tracks, the construction of 16 stations along this route, a depot for rolling stock maintenance, electrification at 750 V and line signalling.


CAF shall supply the 14 trams, the electrification and signalling.


These are low floor trams, 35 metres in length, with a capacity of 305 passengers (70 of these seated) with a service speed of 70 km/hour.


The first material deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2008.

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