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CAF will manufacture and maintain 107 Regional Trains for Renfe amounting to 956 Million Euro.

Renfe’s extraordinary meeting of the Executive Board held on the 27th of July 2006 awarded CAF, as a sole supplier, an order for 107 Regional Trains for an amount of 588.2 million euro.


This award includes maintenance services for 14 years for all procured vehicles, which amounts to an additional cost of 368.4 million euro.

The three Regional Trains covered by this tender are broken down as follows:

  • 50 Iberian Gauge 3-Car Diesel Trains (150 Cars), with variable gauge rolling gear preinstallation.
  • 23 Iberian Gauge 5-Car Electric Trains (115 cars)
  • 34 Iberian Gauge 5-Car Electric Trains, (170 cars), with variable gauge rolling gear preinstallation.
  • The total is 107 Trains, i.e. 435 Cars.


CAF’s orders on hand following this award amount to approximately 3,700 million euro.
The deliveries of this Contract will take place from 2008 to 2011.

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