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CAF obtained in the first trimester of 2006 a consolidated net profit after taxation of 4.65 million euros, a 28% increase on the profits in the same period during the previous year

The net consolidated reserve of the turnover amounted to 196.72 million euros, a 40.51 million euro increase (26%) on 2005, which reached a figure of 156.01 million euros.
The distribution in geographical segments was 132.63 million euros for the national market and 63.89 million euros for the foreign market.
The Ebitda margin corresponding to the first quarter is 11.21 million euros, 5.7% on sales.
At the 31st of March, the orders in hand stand at levels of 2,732.51 million euros, with 26% relating to exportation. This is greater than that at the 31st of December, 2005, which amounted to 35 million euros.

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