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CAF are awarded the design and production of rolling stock for the Malaga Light Metro

CAF is awarded the contract for the supply of trains for lines 1 and 2 of the Malaga metro for 32.46 million euros.
The contract includes the production of 14 vehicles, extendable to 15.


The rolling stock shall be specifically designed for the Malaga Metro and consists of continuous, articulated, bidirectional units with two cabs.


They are made up of five modules, which are extendable to longer units. This is designed with state of the art technology.


These type of vehicles are based on a series of units which are adaptable to increase the length of the train, and hence, increase the capacity of the trains. They also meet the 100% low floor concept permitting easy access both to reduced mobility persons and elderly persons and also prams, given that there are no steps for access from the platform.


A space is also planned in the train for handicapped persons in wheelchairs, with an anchorage mechanism ensuring immobility during the journey and with appropriate driver alerting items.


Also, the energy consumption is minimised via the use of light materials, a regenerative brake which returns part of the energy consumed to the grid and optimum performance of the traction chain.


The units shall be fitted with HVAC units consisting of completely separate air conditioning, heating and ventilation for the passenger saloon and cab. Also, the noise and vibration values transmitted to the interior and exterior shall also be reduced to a bare minimum.

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