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The RENFE Board of Directors in their meeting of the 24/2/04 decided to award the CAF/Alstom consortium 75 high speed shuttle trains

In the meeting held on the 24/2/04, the RENFE Board of Directors decided to award the CAF/Alstom consortium thirty 250 Km/h shuttle-service trains for 353 million euros and forty five 250 Km/h shuttle-service trains equipped with the variable gauge system for 584 million euros. Apart from these purchases, the RENFE Board of Directors chose to award the above mentioned consortium the maintenance contracts for the trains for a 14 year period, with a value of 840 million euros. These trains are similar to those currently manufactured in the CAF factories. The Brava variable gauge wheelset system is patented by CAF and enables uninterrupted train circulation on varying track gauge sections. These shuttle-service trains, equipped with the Brava system, are also fitted with a system to adapt to the various power supply voltages and the various communication systems between the trains and the monitoring and control stations. With this awarding the CAF orders on hand amount to 2.200 million euros.

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